Global address book not updating on blackberry

Note that if you select a group that is almost perfect, but has a few unwanted members, you can exclude those contacts.You can also select Organizational Units just as you would a distribution group. The first is the source contacts which are your customized set of GAL contacts.We don’t want sys admins or help desk techs having to add one more item to their checklist when a new employee starts, or when someone leaves the company.If you are doing a pilot, make a collection to define the target users who will participate.If your collection of GAL source contacts is 1000 or less, sync to the default contacts folder.

However, if you are searching for solutions on Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook, you might find useful information.If there is an existing AD Group that matches the pilot users, my suggestion to use the group imbedded in the collection.However, if you want to add or remove members from the pilot, editing a collection may be the easiest strategy.For example, “All Employees” get the contacts for “All Employees.” If every employee has a Smartphone, this might be a perfect solution.Some staff members don’t have Smartphones and have direct access to the GAL at their desktop.

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Note that when you select an OU, all of the members of the nested OU’s are also included. The second part is the targets, the users who have i Phone and other Smartphones.

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