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Unfortunately, single supplement ends up with so excessive fees that singles would rather share with a stranger in order to save the extra money.

Follow this link for more information on No Single Supplement deals - cruise lines ships with single cabins. When you first find out that you must pay double simply because you have chosen to sail alone, you curse the company.

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Advertized as "singles cruise lines" provide such deals - on specially themed travel vacations, not very often.

Not only that, but lines also charge the single guest additional port taxes and charges for the missing traveler as well.

A few are the lines that are known for tacking on extra charges for single cruisers, in order to compensate the lost onboard revenue that the second traveler would generate.

The typical age of travelers on singles voyages is between 30 and 60.

A single supplement- the price you must pay if you want to occupy the entire cabin all alone!

There are cruises for singles with planned pre-cruise events where singles are able to get to know each other.

Single cruising market today is not profitable enough to excuse single cabins producing.

Revenue generation is of great importance to lines- a solo traveler spends less than a couple/family.

Generally, cruise ship cabins are launched on double occupancy.

So if you don't want to share a stateroom you must pay the absent individual price.

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